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Traveling is always fun and everyone wants some interesting destinations to visit in the vacations. There are many best places which can be the most excellent travel ideas by Ibn Battuta for the summers. Many surveys are conducted every year to provide the people with the best advice in this regard. Every place has something special in it that attracts most of the people towards it and the beauty of that place is explored and represented by other travelers to facilitate the people who are planning to travel. Now the world is not so large and through the evolution of technology, people can explore large and far off regions. Here are some places which are decided after a comprehensive research, and these places are best to visit in summer 2017.

Belfast in Northern Ireland

This is becoming the largely growing destination for the travelers because of the restaurants, art venues, and bars in this region. The art is organized in a way that attracts most of the people who have a love for art. The coffee which is available in this place is roasted locally and the breakfast is famous internationally. The nightlife in this place is also really lively and appealing.

Angra Dis Reis in Brazil

Brazil is the best place to visit not only in the big cities but also in small areas. There are multiple beautiful places that can be explored such as Angra Dis Reis. There are many beach villas owned by the elites and they come here in vacations to enjoy the pure beauty of nature. It is not only the natural beauty, but many modern changes have taken place to make it even more interesting place. This place has spas, golf course, marina and restaurants of modern architecture. There are also open terraces with the view of sea and forest which look amazing.


This is a travel destination which is becoming popular recently. Many new travelers are attracted to this place because of the exceptional beauty it offers. In the summers 2017, there is an exciting race which will take place here. The hotel is amazing and also added the art collection to attract more visitors. There are resorts in this place which are visited by the famous people because of the sports held here.

Cape Town in South Africa

There are exceptionally beautiful mountain tops along with the beaches which offer cinematic view; Cape Town has always been the best attraction for the tourists.  There is also a museum attached to a comfortable restaurant. The addition of multiple world’s best restaurants and food places make this an interesting place for the visitors.

The maximum of above-mentioned destinations is beaches and water sports because in summers people want something refreshing. These places offer a great view along with the luxurious places. Visitors can get every kind of relaxing activity to get away from their routine in a peaceful location. The fun happens only when people are happy inside and want to enjoy the surrounding, but these places make a person forget all the worries.

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